Making it in cybersecurity

What’s the fastest / funniest / more satisfying / less risky way to make a career in cybersecurity? Every now and then I get asked by colleagues starting in information security what is the best area for them to focus on; this article summarises my views on choosing a successful career in cybersecurity.

My default answer is to go for the area that you enjoy the most and where you think you can put your skills to work: is it attack or defence skills, compliance work, application security, product visionary… ? This post discusses some of the available paths and roles within those paths to be able to make a living out of cybersecurity.

My views are based on experience and those of friends and colleagues that have taken the various paths described below, however it is still a subjective view. If you disagree or want to add additional career paths or roles just submit a pull-request, always happy to learn.

You can sort the following summary matrix based on your goals and skills:

Written on 26 October 2022

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